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Yacht Charter Worldwide
Where to go on your next sailing vacation? In World-Charters you can find motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans for rent in the most relevant spots in the world. Dealing direct with the boat owner you save time and money avoiding extra expenses and comissions.

Frequently asked questions.

1.- What is World-Charters?
World-Charters is a platform where boating enthusiasts can find yacths and sailing boats available for charter. The main advantage is to avoid intermediaries and reduce or eliminate commissions.

2.- I would like to rent a boat. What is the cost of doing so through World-Charters?
Nothing. The client pays nothing to use the site World-Charters. If made ​​a reservation, this is done directly with the owner/operator of the vessel.

3.- Are there any hidden charge or added commission when booking a boat?
No. The basic rule of World-Charters is simple and sincere, "Negotiate directly with the owner". Dealing with the owner/operator of the boat you avoid extra expenses getting always the best price.

4.- How I can contact the owner/operator of the boat?
Very simple, once you enter World-Charters, you can surf the web looking for the destination that you are interested in. Once found, you'll see the boats that are available for that destination, each boat has its profile and contact sheet, and when you send the form with your message, it goes directly to the owner/operator of the vessel. You should receive a response to your email shortly.

5.- What is the payment method for this service?
It depends of the owner's policy. They generally ask for around 25% of the amount budgeted in advance, so they can secure the booking. Others ask for 50%, and others can ask even more. Generally 100% must be paid at the time of shipment. In any case, you can ask the owner/operator of the boat to explain you the method of payment before booking. If interested, go ahead, if not, find another boat. It's that simple.

6.- Who do I have to pay?
Payment is always made ​​as agreed between the client and the owner/operator of the vessel. If you're interested in renting a boat listed in World-Charters and its owner asks you to deposit for World-Charters, refuse to continue with this operation and let us know what happened. World-Charters do NOT rent boats or acts as intermediary. World-Charters is simply a platform that facilitates the search for boats to rent, and the promotion of them. World-charters never collect the money for the Charter service.

7.- What guarantees do I have that is not a scam?
Everytime a charter company or a private boat owner contact us to add their boat to our website, we do a research into the existence of the ship, the company and that the details given are real. If we have the slightest doubt that it may be a scam, we do not add the boat and take appropriate measures to try nobody getting scammed. In any case World-Charters we take no responsibility for any incident or misunderstanding occurred between the client and the owner/operator of the vessel. World-Charters does not charge for this service to customers, so we can’t provide a complete guarantee.

8.- I have made an advance payment and the boat owner does not answer. What happens?
Most of boats listed in World-Charters are small businesses or private owners that are generally are sailing without of cell signal and internet on board. You should get a response or confirmation very soon.

9.- I have been scammed. What now?
If you've been scammed by an owner/operator of a boat, World-Charters advised to go to the authorities of your country and report the case. Presents documentation you have available, e-mails exchanged with the scammer, receipt of the payment, or any other documents you think relevant. From World-Charters also appreciate put the case to our knowledge to take appropriate action. In our website scammers do not fit, and if the case is confirmed, the record of the ship will be removed immediately. When an owner/operator registers a ship in World-Charters we request details of the ship and the owner, which is filed as it will eventually be necessary. If authorities ask to World-Charters this information to clarify a possible scam case, it will be provided. This information is not made public because it is irrelevant when looking for a charter boat, but it can be useful in a case of fraud.

10.- Boat insurance. What are the coverages?
Generally, the charter companies have civil insurance that covers any loss. In the case of private boats will depend on it insurance coverage. It is your obligation to be informed and consult with either the owner/operator of the boat on the insurance contract liability and coverage.

11.- I want to book the boat does not have liability insurance. What should I do?
It's your decision to go ahead with the booking or find another boat. If you're really interested in renting this boat, maybe you can contract insurance for that trip, if you really want the insurance. Check the Travel Insurance section to find more info.


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